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Let us take you on your life time trip into the beauty of the Amazon rain forest and river system. Our experienced team can get you the best out  of your expectation, time frame and budget.

We are specialized in Amazon jungle tours, Amazon river cruises, peacock bass fishing trips, jungle expeditions, bird watching tours, kayak tours, day tours and more.
We support sustainable tourism with social inclusion of the local and indigenous population.

We offer airport transfers, hotel reservations, car and boat charter.
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Full Day Rio Negro Cruise

On this tour we take you on a river cruise to the meeting of the waters, Janauari ecological reserve and Rio Negro. You will observe giant water lilies, huge trees, swim with dolphins and visit...
US$ 60 per person

2 Day Rio Negro Tour

Explore the Amazon rain forest and Rio Negro on this 2 day tour. Its black water system is a perfect environment to observe birds, monkeys, sloths, dolphins, caymans and more. Stay overnight in...
US$ 110 per person

3 Day Rio Juma Tour

Enjoy an amazing 3-day adventure through the beautiful and diverse Amazon Jungle to the spectacular Juma Eco Reserve found 100 kilometers south of Manaus. Experience a night like no other in an...
US$ 195 per person

3 Day Rio Negro Cruise

Enjoy the beauty of the Amazon rain forest on board of a regional river boat. You will cruise the Negro river up to the Anavilhanas Archipelago, the second largest sweet water archipelago with...
US$ 450 per person

Half Day City Tour

On this tour we take you on a tour through the historic center of Manaus. Enjoy the beauty of the capital of the Amazon and its history.   Highlights: Amazon theater Rio Negro Palace Police...
US$ 20 per person

3 Day Rio Juma Cruise

On this cruise we take you to the Rio Juma reserve 100km south of Manaus. The region is famous for its primary rain forest and vast wild life of birds, monkeys, sloths, dolphins, spiders and...
US$ 360 per person